Your Home’s Walk Score

By Rachelle Aurini
April 3, 2015

Your Home’s Walk Score!


I chose my home in Hamilton, ON because I was able to walk to schools, parks, nature trails, restaurants, libraries and shopping. I wanted to be able to walk out my door and keep walking without always jumping in to my gas guzzling jeep! I feel better doing so and I think as we see gas prices continue to soar, obesity and pollution continue to rise I hope it will become more important to everybody!

Today I discovered the site Walk Score and I love it! This site is a fantastic resource to check how your house (or the house you are thinking of buying) scores on the walkability scale.

The site determines walk scores by the following:

What makes a neighborhood walkable?
A center: Walkable neighborhoods have a center, whether it’s a main street or a public space.
People: Enough people for businesses to flourish and for public transit to run frequently.
Mixed income, mixed use: Affordable housing located near businesses.
Parks and public space: Plenty of public places to gather and play.
Pedestrian design: Buildings are close to the street, parking lots are relegated to the back.
Schools and workplaces: Close enough that most residents can walk from their homes.

Complete streets: Streets designed for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit.

Check it out! I hope you love it as much as I do… BTW my house scored 63. I love it, but there is definitely room for improvement.